Monday, July 09, 2007

Briefcase & Shoes

When one drives, they see many things. But, when walking, they see more. I've driven down Douglas street in downtown Wichita, many times, and seen the man this briefcase and shoes belong to. (the other shoes belong to Wichita children). I never realized the barefoot man had a breifcase & shoes though, until today. What a neat surprise, of added detail to a statue. This picture is one of a set of three, come back tomorrow and the next day, for the full picture.


Annie said...

Okay, I'm coming back and I hope I'll see the pants and the shirt and the tie draped on the back of the bench, which will make me wonder where the man himself is.

JoAnn-NL said...

Hi Wendy,
This is a funny picture, its asking 'what are this shoes doing there?' Ae they lost or what?

Greetings from JoAnn /Holland

photowannabe said...

This is so clever. I like the added bit to the story of the businessman.