Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Riverwalk - Colored Totems

I call these the colored totems. This is about half of them and all totaled they encircle an intersection at Amidon and McLean Boulevard. They are alight each evening in a different color, or set of colors. I've seen red, white and blue, a time or two. On this evening they are lavendar and pink. It's a treat to pass through this intersection and see the color for the evening. They are tranquil, not flashy, nor fading - just steadilly lit, and not too bright. This is a nice interesection to be stopped by a red light, just to enjoy the view. During the daytime, they are plain and colorless. leaving one to wonder "what color will they be tonight?"

They are located at the end of an ongoing riverwalk project, the city adds to, now and then, In the years to come, it will be a nicer than it already is. Wichitans and visitors can stroll or bike along the paved river bank paths, enjoying sights and businesses, along the way.

Near this stretch of river is; Old Cowtown, Botanica, The Wichita Art Museum, Mid-America All Indian Center, Keeper of the Plains Plaza, Exploration Place... and more.

Before Wichita came to be, this area had no lights, except for that of the sun, moon, stars and campfires, -- no businesses, no traffic or city sounds. Back then, this stretch of river was home to a village of Ouichita Indians. It was here, where they lived, hunted, and grew crops. They built mound shaped huts made from tree branches and brush (not teepees). This is a special section of the river, as it's where the Big and Little Arkansas rivers merge into one.

Wichita is the English version of Ouichita, and thus the name of this fair city.

Getting back to the colored totems, I especially like when they are the color of tomato soup made with milk. Anyone know the name of that color?


Jayne said...

They are unusual. I always like anything that makes the view look pleasant. Lovely pic too. :0)

Dick said...

Very colorful.

Halcyon said...

Hee! Is your city trying one of those riverwalk projects too? How is it coming along? I am from OKC and it took forever for them to finish theirs. And I think the one here in Jackson will never see the light of day! I wonder why city planners think a river walk is such a great attraction? I mean, it's a nice idea, but there certainly have to be other ideas too!

Annie said...

Is there no end to the delights of Wichita?

Is there a large artist community there, Wendy? It seems that it must be so.

Wendy said...

halcyon: I'm just guessing, but think it has to do with the convention centers. They want to be able to attract large conventions to be held in the cities, and river walks, museums, and attractions help to add to the decision of which cities to book their conventions in. It seems to me like San Antonio's river walk was the forerunner of the budding river walk ideas in other cities. Wichita doesn't publicize our stretch of river as a river walk, but it's easy to tell one is taking shape, little by little, as time goes by.

Annie: We had a city mayor that was big on enhancing the city with some nice aesthetics. For a city on a flat Kansas prairie, art is about all that can be added to add some beauty. Or could they make some mountains and waterfalls? Bet they could. I think we have one manmade mountain (aka, city landfill) out west of the city.

NorthBayPhoto said...

Great photo! Wonderful idea and beautiful to look at in the early evening.

Wanda said...

How very interesting! Like the photo.

Wanda said...

Oh the color: "Creamy Tomato" Just kidding, It must be some form of the color coral.

david mcmahon said...

That's beautiful, Wendy.

I see you've taken pole position - you;d be a great Formula One driver!