Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Gander Mtn.

Wichita is located in the flat lands of central Kansas - and so I jokingly say "this is our only mountain". Gander Mtn. offers a wide selection of items for: hunting, fishing, camping, outdoor recreation, clothing and footwear, and even gunsmith services. They even have some household furnishings - things such as a camouflauge sofa, or pillows shaped like fish. Whether, looking for sporting goods, or just browsing, it's a nice place to spend time (or money!). In looking at their website, I see there are a lot of these stores in the eastern United States, and the furthest one to the west is in Colorado. www.gandermountain.com/storelocator/ I'll label this photo under buildings, and city art, due to the deer statue in the forefront. Enlarging this photo shows much more detail in the deer statues, and look in the seat of the camoflauge 4 wheeler, what do you see?


Steve Buser said...

Wendy, I grew up in Wichita, moved to New Orleans, and spent a lot of years in Beaumont, TX. (back in New Orleans now) I like to say that I have never lived anywhere where their was anyplace higher than the overpass.

--steve buser
New Orleans Daily Photo

Hyderabad Daily Photo said...
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Hyderabad Daily Photo said...

Sorry, I meant to say "That's a good joke."

photowannabe said...

The store sounds a lot like Cabelas. I also love all the pieces of art all around your city. Its quite amazing.

Me said...

Awesome sculpture! Amazing action, drama, emotion in that piece. Wow. And the store sounds pretty cool too! Is that a little boy in the ATV?

Lynette said...

I see one or maybe two little boys in the seat of that four-wheeler. That deep statue is something else! Great post.