Tuesday, November 13, 2007

James R. Mead

Since looking at Wichita through the lens of my camera, I'm seeing (and learning) things about this city that I wouldn't normally pay attention to. I've been noticing a lot of the old buildings in downtown Wichita have names on them. This nice old yellow building, has the name James R. Mead on it. Who was he?, I wondered. And, with the help of Google.com, I find out he was an early pioneer, and trader. He was well aquainted with the Indians of the area, and he contributed a great deal to the early development of Wichita and the midwestern Plains. If interested in reading about him - click here James R. Mead, there is also a photo of him.

At first when looking at this old building, I noticed the tattered and torn window blinds and imagined they have weathered many years of hot summer sunshine. These old blinds, drew my attention away from the building itself. But, as I continued to look at them, I decided I like the character, and age effect, they add. Do you see the name on the building, and the tattered and torn window shades? Enlarge the photo for a better view of the center window. I also see a couple of snowflakes on one of the windows - do you see them? If buildings could talk, I bet this one would have some interesting (and maybe some tattered and torn) stories to tell.


Wanda said...

Wow, truly tattered and torn...what stories. Do people actually live upstairs. Could see things in the window ledge! My mind is making up stories as I type!
Great old building...:)

Annie said...

Wendy, there's a poetess in you. I too think the tattered shades add a very interesting statement to this rather ornate building.

Moonshadow said...

Wendy, thanks for stopping by my blog the other night. I come by your blog at least once a day, maybe more, but I don't always leave a comment. I had seen this one early, I knew exactly who Meade was, I've heard a lot of Wichita history though most of it I've forgotten. A lot of my learning happened as a girl scout guide in Old Cowtown many years ago. I did this for several summers, always looked forward to it.

Hyderabad Daily Photo said...

Aren't we living in great times? I have learned so much because of DP. Not only when finding links for my own posting, but also from other's blogs. And then of course there is google. Interesting that you are paying more attention to your surroundings now because of DP.