Monday, December 03, 2007

Beer bottle

This Bud's not for me. This beer bottle was seen while walking along the river bank, in search of a railway bridge I wanted to photograph. Whoever tossed this bottle aside, had only drank about half of it. Tomorrow, I'll show you what I saw next. And, the next day will be a photo of the bridge I was after.


Wanda said...

mmmmmm...a half empty beer bottle! There must be a story here, can't wait until tomorrow.

FĂ©nix (Bostonscapes DP) said...

Let me guess... Underwear??!! >8D

'Through JoAnn's Digital Eyes'NL/Eng. said...

Great Wendy'
I am not a beer drinker either, the photo did enlarge YES!!! Yippie!

I made again more series from the varying subjects I saw in Paris ,and posted them on my blog again,

Greetings from JoAnn (Holland)

Me said...

Well, I can't imagine what you found next... Maybe a note that said... "please don't throw away my beer, I will be back for it".

photowannabe said...

Hmmm...what a tease....We bloggers do take some different pictures, don't we.
Looking forward to tomorrow's post.

Web-OJ said...

Fenix's comment made my day! Lol!