Monday, December 17, 2007

Live, work, and play

Luxury apartments, Health club, Swimming pool, Putting range, Conference rooms, Business offices, Retail shops, Restaurants, and more. A place to live, work, and play - all in one downtown building. In this photo the building appears to lean, but in actuality - the camera was leaning. I wanted to show this building today, so that tomorrow I can show how it looks like, at night, during the Christmas season. There use to be a restaurant on one of the top floors , and from the windows you could see some really nice views of where the two Arkansas Rivers (the large and the small) merge into one. Not sure what's up there now, but from the same windows - it must be a lovely view of The Keeper of the Plains, as well as other directions around the city.


Wanda said...

Wendy, I would have never guess that was a luxury apartment bldg.
Wow..Some people live on top of the world, I guess>:)

Web-OJ said...

The "Play" part sounds like fun. It looks great in the night light too.