Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Ice cold

The other day, as sunlight was streaming into the kitchen, I had some photography fun with light, shadows, and Coca-Cola. The small round bottle was a Christmas edition. The other is a regular year round 2-liter version. And, the glass in the middle was the ice cold refreshing Coca-Cola I was about to drink.

Speaking of ice cold - Wichita got coated with a thin layer of ice. It made for some slippery driving conditions. Most of the main roads were treated with salt or sand, and clear. But, some of the side roads and driveways were like ice rinks. It's times like this, that I'm glad I live in the flat lands of Kansas. I'd rather slide over into a curb, than off the side of a mountain.
It was hard to walk on, and hard to drive on - traffic crept slowly, as people were going to and from work. Kansas gets all kinds of weather, from hot to cold, wet to dry, windy to calm, cloudy to sunny - a smorgasborg of weather conditions. I accept them all, but favor warm sunshine with cool gentle breezes.
What's your favorite weather?


Moonshadow said...

Springtime is my favorite time, but they seem to get shorter and shorter. We were in Wichita when it started with the freezing rain. We had just left Walmart getting ready to head for home. I think we averaged 30mph all the way home (32miles from the edge of town). Only saw a couple vehicles in the ditch.

BgDailyPic said...

Ooh the Christmas one is so cute!

Autumn is my favorite season but right now I'm dreaming of spring.

Jim said...

I like the spring. When you get to discover everything again.

I saw those little cokes at the store, we ended up buying them, cause they looked "cute".

Wanda said...

I love Spring and Summer...but I love the beauty of Winter too. I guess I will just enjoy all of them and pour myself a ice cold glass of coke!!

Love the sunlight and coke pictures, so cool...sorry so cold!!

Moi said... what i totally love!!!!!!

the reflections are so cool in this pic, Wendy! the ice cubes in the glass looked like pear/apple pieces to me on first glimpse...guess, I have got sangria on mind ;DDD

david mcmahon said...

Nice shot. My favourite weather is ``photography weather''.

It helps me `focus'!!!