Tuesday, April 08, 2008

child on a monkey's back

The expression of "a monkey on my back" is often heard by those who have a burden weighing heavilly upon them.

If this gorilla could talk - it's expression might be about a child on a monkey's back. It's so nice, that the zoo has statues of animals that allow for children to play among a wild kingdom of safe bronze sculptures.


Pat said...

Hi Wendy!

Thanks for visiting Guelph! Yes, six weeks from this coming Saturday! I've been a widow for 7 years so this will be a big change in my life.

Love your photo today!

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Jim said...

LOL funny pic, thats probably just the same way she rides on daddies back, hands covering the eyes.

Rambling Round said...

So now the monkey knows what it feels like to have a "monkey" on his back! Cute photo and idea.

Steve Buser said...

I remember a bunch of years ago, tagging a long with a bunch of kids to visit the apes at a local place as we turned the corner the racket was almost deafening. I asked the caretaker if the apes were always that loud. He said they were only as loud as their visitors. The kids of course were yelling and screaming and making monkey faces.

I guess apes do go around saying"I got a kid on my back."

Halcyon said...

No mention of the triumph of the bird here? What are you, a K State fan?? :)

Thanks for the zoo photos. My college roommate (I went to KU, btw, if you didn't catch on to that) was from Wichita. I used to drive her home on my way back to OKC and sometimes I would stay the night or for a weekend. It's a nice little city and very pretty.

Wanda said...

That's just too cute.