Sunday, June 01, 2008

June 1st - Theme Day - Local Corner Shop

QT stands for Quick Trip, and it's found on many corners thoughout Wichita and other cities. They sell chips, candy, bread, milk, beer, and other convenience foods and items. And, they sell gasoline. It's no fun to fill up the tank at the rising prices. But, it still beats walking.

How much is a gallon of gas in your city?
I remember paying 21 cents a gallon, in 1973, and people thought that was high!
Back then, neighboring gas stations would decrease their price by 1 cent, in order to get people to fill up at their station, instead of across the street.
Let's see, if gas was 17 cents a gallon in 1973, and 35 years later, it's $3.83.....
At that rate of inflation, what will the price be in another 35 years?
Are there any math whiz's out there?


Neva said...

I haven't heard of a QT looks very much like a Fas Chek or 7-11!

Arlene said...

$4.09 a gallon here in upstate NY for regular with 10 percent ethanol.

I remember paying 23 cents a gallon for premium back in the early 70's.

I also remember milk was 20 cents a quart and cigarettes were 27 cents a pack.

I must be getting old, my grandma use to tell me about bread being a nickel a loaf way back when.

Wanda said...

QT ~ We don't have those either. But lots of 7-11's

Our gas was 4.27 in our town, and 3.87 down the hill.

I'm so old I remember when my friends would chip in a quarter and a $1.00 would take us anywhere we wanted to go...that was in the 50's and I drove a 51 Studebaker!!
Yes, I'm old!! But not over the hill.