Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Wichita had a rainy Independence Day, but the evening fireworks display went on. Here's a shot from a distance, taken after dark, from a parking garage rooftop, and through the rain. Imagine a loud boom, and you'll have the full effect. I love this holiday, the colors that light up the sky are beautiful (reds, blues, greens, pinks, white, gold, etc), especially at the grand finale when several are set off all together. Lots of loud booms, ewwwws & awwwwws from spectators & wide eyed children. Many turned out in spite of the rain, some with umbrellas, some without. This holiday comes once a year, always on July 4th, in commerative celebration of America's first Independence Day (July 4, 1776). We are still a young country, only about 231 years old.

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Annie said...

Are you a photography pro or what? I really think you've got the eye. This is a fun one to see, especially since I didn't see any fireworks this year, though I did hear some being shot off by the neighborhood kids.