Thursday, July 05, 2007


This is a view of the Big Arkansas River, that flows through Wichita. Notice the bike path on the left. Want to go for a ride? We can cross the bridge and come back on the other side. The river is a nice place for exercise and fresh air. It's common to see Wichitans walking, jogging or bicycling along the river bank.


Annie said...

We have a walking/biking bridge over our part of the Arkansaw River too, with trails on each side. It's one of our greatest attractions in Little Rock. You'll see some posts about it if you scroll back through my blog.

Hugs to you, Wendy.

JoAnn-NL said...

Hi Wendy,
We have 6 bikes here in front of our house, we are with 2 persons living here. Just 'for in case' we have visiters, and we want all to make a biketrip. Its very normal here to go anywhere by bike...

JoAnn from Holland