Friday, August 10, 2007

One room schoolhouse

This is the one room schoolhouse in Old Cowtown. It's where the school desk photo was taken. Back in the days when one room schools dotted the American country, children of all grades and ages attended school together. School has come a long ways from the days when all grades and ages were taught by a common teacher. Notice the bell tower on top? Inside the school is an open closet area where children would hang their coats and hats, and also in that area is a rope which could be pulled to ring the school bell. I imagine it was rang at the beginning of school, and also when recess (outdoor play) was over. Centered near the back of the school was a large wood burning stove for keeping warm in the winter. Also, notice the wooden sidewalks? Just think some of our own family members - parents, grandparents and further back may of attended a school such as this. From what I've read, these schools began being replaced by larger schools as early as the 1930's, but some in rural areas lasted into the 1960's. Many have now disappeared, but this one is well protected in it's Old Cowtown living museum setting. This photo shows nicely when clicked on to enlarge.


NorthBayPhoto said...

Great photo and information.

Annie said...

I have a cousin who "teaches in a one room schoolhouse" the children from visiting schools. The visitors get a taste of what school life was like in the "old days".

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

How times have changed. :)