Saturday, September 08, 2007

Baby Bear

While playing, a little girl buckled up her baby bear to go for a ride, where they were going, I do not know. Maybe to visit the other bears at the zoo. Notice this bear has a "bottle" of water. She was taking good care of this little cub. I'm filing this under the category of animals, because after all this is a stuffed "animal". Did you have a favorite stuffed friend in your early years? I had a bear with a music box in it, that played a favorite tune.


Annie said...

Hi Wendy, It wasn't until I was grown up that I fell in love with a stuffed animal, a teddy bear that I found in a resale shop. He's blue wool plaid, so beautiful to me. I don't think I gave stuffed animals any thought at all until I saw that bear and knew I had been waiting for him all my life.

Moi said...

like Annie, it was only when i grew up i discovered that i liked them...i had this little Panda that my husband gifted moi, on my first b'day after I met him..he knew I love pandas and searched high and low till he found the cutest of the stuffed ones.....:)