Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sails on Douglas bridge (in the distance)

This photo, pulled from my archive, shows the decorative sails on Douglas Bridge
(the same ones seen in yesterday's photo).
Enlarge - to better view this sparkling river scene.
I think this was taken in October, of last year.
There are actually, two bridges in this photo, Douglas Bridge being furthest away.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I understand! What a creative bride, a really interesting concept like the Sydney Opera House. Many thanks. I like to learn about new places and it's always better to have ab insider's view.

Jim said...

Maybe because its different, but I like the sails. Makes it look one of a kind.

Annie said...

Those sails point the way, don't they, to a beautiful sky@

I'm glad I gave you a grin today, Wendy.

See you when I return.

Love, Annie

Moonshadow said...

Pop on over to my blog and pick up your awards!

Jayne said...

I always like water pics. Especially when it sparkles in the sun light that.