Sunday, December 30, 2007

Train Museum

Here's a different view of yesterday's photo. In it, you can see a Locomotive Steam Engine that is a new addition to the Great Plains Transportation Museum. The museum itself is located in the smaller part of the red brick building. From the second floor, there is a door that leads out to the trains on display. If you like trains, and museums - here's a link to this museum's site. GreatPlainsTransportationMuseum I know the tunnel (under bridge) looked a bit creepy in yesterday's photo, but it really was a safe place to walk. Thanks for your concern though. My reason for walking through it was kind of like the chicken's reason for crossing the road - "to get to the other side".


Annie said...

A still train offers opportunities for exploration maybe? I hope kids and adults can go inside.

Wanda said...

Oh this is a great view, and I love the Steam Engine! Toot Toot!!